Wayne spends one on one time with artists coaching them on every aspect of life performance from arrangement and performance to stage set up and technical. Each session focuses on one song.

During this coaching, Wayne explains what he is doing and why. The coaching and feedback he provides allows these artists the opportunity to take their shows to the next level – giving them the tools and insight necessary to ensure that their performances will leave a positive and lasting impression.

In addition, Wayne will provide an overview on showcasing tips which will touch on set lists, performance and technical considerations.

Past work includes private sessions with artists and open sessions for music industry organizations.


“Anyone who knows Wayne will tell you that there aren’t many people that share his incredible passion for the possibilities and potential of a live show. No one gets into every detail as much as he does. Because he’s had so much experience with performers from such different backgrounds he really understands the fundamental idea of putting on a “show”. Not just a presentation of a particular type of music but the whole package. He really understands how an audience experiences a show and having someone like that around is invaluable.” 

David Myles – David Myles

Wayne’s been in the business of road managing and live music production longer than anyone I know.  He has a wealth of knowledge and his expert advice has helped me improve my live shows over the past 10 years.

Joel Plaskett – Joel Plaskett, Joel Plaskett Emergency

After years of performances where I didn’t know anything except the music- , I learned quickly out in the world of professional touring acts that some things do remain the same and some things are expected, but most of all- dealing with the unexpected is what sets apart the pros from the schmos. You don’t run away from a difficult situations, and you always have an audience leaving wanting more and most of all you must be prepared to be your best at the drop of a dime if you want to succeed. Wayne O’Connor taught me that.

Ashley MacIsaac – Ashley MacIsaac

“Wayne O’Connor has a keen ear for a good set list, a good eye for visual presentation, and many years of experience to back it up. He has always given me great advice about pacing, audience response, and the overall picture of our live show. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Brad Roberts – Crash Test Dummies

With his years of experience working with so many different kinds of acts in so many different styles of venues, Wayne has an excellent sense of what works where and why. Wayne works with an artist’s strengths to create the best live experience possible, for the audience and for the performer.

Ellen Reid – Crash Test Dummies

As manager of the Crash Test Dummies, I’ve worked closely with Wayne O’Connor on numerous tours of Canada and the US. Wayne is a great tour manager, as well as a superb front-of-house engineer with great musical taste. He has his eye on every aspect of the performance, from lighting to the structure and running order of the set, and understands how to help the artist make the most of their show. His vast experience working with performers, presenters and production staff makes him a terrific and reliable resource.

Stephen Cohen – Music and Art Management

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Wayne in a live situation, and I can unequivocally say the man is a seasoned and thorough professional in a business filled with half-assers. He’s fun,too!”

Sass Jordan – Sass Jordan

Wayne’s honesty and clarity in assessing my performances have been very helpful to me in developing my stage show. I would recommend him to anyone looking to craft a solid show. 

Molly Thomason – Molly Thomason

“I met Wayne O’Connor 25 years ago and we have since I worked together with many bands and artists around the world. Wayne’s ability to recognize and create an effective set list, lighting cue, audio special, stage design, and entire production comes from his extensive, hands-on experience from every aspect of the music business. This guy knows what he’s doing!”

Adam Dowling – George Canyon, Mir, and Ashley MacIsaac

Wayne has helped me take my live performance to the next level, he taught me and my band mates how to take our normal set and turn it into a real live show. He has taught me the more professional side of the music industry and how to be a true musician.

Olivia Adlakha – Pink Thunder

Wayne O’Connor has not only improved my bands live performance but has brought it to life! From making my ideas a reality, to his exceptional ability to give instruction and guidance, Wayne is a force to be reckoned with!

Barbara Cameron – Pink Thunder

“In every aspect of building my live show, Wayne has been instrumental. He has helped with song arrangements, microphone technique, instrumentation, designing set lists, and making sure we had the most entertaining show possible.  I trusted his ideas and instincts completely, and he’s also fun to work with!”

Kim Stockwood – Kim Stockwood and Shaye

Wayne O’Connor doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. His advice and natural insight has helped shape not only my live show, but pretty much every musician’s that I know and love.

Damhnait Doyle – Damhnait Doyle, Shaye, and The Heartbroken

I have been working with Wayne for more than 20 years now. Looking back on the countless amount of tours / shows big and small, his focus has always been the same – how to make an audience feel like they were a part of something special. A lot of performers forget about that, but Wayne is always there to remind us! I am always confident walking into any type of situation with Wayne, because he is just one of those guys that can handle it with professionalism. 

Stuart Cameron – The Heartbroken, Crash Test Dummies, Shaye and Ashley MacIsaac

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Wayne O’Connor for well over a decade and have relied on his expertise to help shape my live performances. He has been a strong influence in many aspects of my career and I highly value his opinions. 

Blake Manning – Kim Stockwood, Shaye and The Heartbroken

I have known Wayne O’Connor personally and professionally for almost three decades. His reputation as a talent coach, artist manager, tour manager and sound engineer is well deserved. I find him to be especially skilled at helping artists to refine and improve their performances. I have first-hand experience in this regard, both as an artist and as a person who represents or is a fan of – other artists that he has worked with. Best of all, Wayne is able to coax greatness out of those around him using his inimitable firm-yet-easygoing personality.

Steve Coady – VP Warner Canada and The Screaming Trees

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